Golf – Pine Rivers – 23 Feb

February 23rd, 2013 No comments

Todays score = 90.

Meh. Pretty mediocre round. Couldnt get into a rhythm of the game.

Highlight hole:

Birdie on 7. 355 metre par four, over a hill with a turn left. The green is a long way below the top of the hill, if you drive the top of the hill your ball will roll a long way towards the green. Today my drive was sliced right and I had to hit a six iron to an unsighted green. The shot needed to get high quick to clear the trees and travel a reasonable distance. Landed perfect and ended up 5 metres from the hole. I proceeded to drain the putt for birdie.

Lowlight hole:

Pick up on the par three tenth. I hate this hole. It’s the first hole we play and today I hit my PW our of bounds and my second tee shot into the green side bunker. Picked up with a wash. Hate it….

The course is in great condition at the moment following on from the rain we’ve had recently.

Need to work on my driving accuracy, which is mostly my set up. If I get set up right I’m hitting them straight (mostly). Also going to book a lesson and work on set up for my short irons to try and hit more greens in regulation.

Today’s score card:

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NRL DreamTeam preseason

February 17th, 2013 No comments

I’ve played many years of NFL Fantasy Football. I’m unsure when I first played, but it I remember having two WR’s on my team and they were both T BROWN, one played for the Oakland Raiders and the other was a New England Patriots receiver. I remember them both going alright and taking my team far. I reckon it was late 90’s.

Now, for the first time I’m playing a similar type of game for one of my favourite sports, Rugby League. NRL Dream Team via the site @

I figure on following some of the same strategies I follow in NFL fantasy football.

First concept is to load up on the starting lineup. If I have an injury somewhere, likely I will, then that will free up cap space to get some depth or secure a new starter.

Second strategy is not to drink too much of the Raiders kool aid. (Four raiders players in my starting lineup is reasonably well restrained selection on my behalf)

Third strategy is to minimise the number of leagues I play in so I can put limited time in to research and needed actions for the team.

Let’s see how we go….

1/ Brett Stewart (Manly)
2/ Sandor Earl (Canberra)
3/ Will Chambers (Storm)
4/ Jarrod Croker (Canberra)
5/ Krisnan Inu (Bulldogs)
6/ Terry Campese (Raiders)
7/ Jonathon Thurston (Cowboys)
13/ Shaun Fensom (Raiders)
12/ Corey Parker (Broncos)
11/ Kevin Proctor (Storm)
10/ Ben Hannant (Broncos)
9/ Isaac Luke (Souths)
8/ Roy Asotasi (Souths)

Most questionable pick is one of my favourite players in Sandor Earl. I can see Jack Wighton forcing his way into the backline for the Raiders somewhere and though I dont think Earl will be displaced, there will likely be changes there to accommodate Wighton.

Looking forward to season one of DreamTeam – my team’s the River City Raiders.

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the things you learn on the internet

September 21st, 2012 No comments

Today I booked one of the internal flights I’ll be taking as part of my holiday in China. The flight is with Shenzhen Airlines. I was doing some research about the Shenzhen airport and Shenzhen Airlines and this comment was part of the Shenzhen Airlines page on wikipedia:

Shenzhen Airlines is one of the several airlines discovered to have employed a large number of pilots with falsified flight experience and qualifications. The authorities warn they cannot be sure all fake pilots have been rooted out.

I really shoulda checked the page before booking!

On the other hand. I just found this on the youtube and at least we’ll be entertained if these faux pilots take us down!

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The re-tweet is today’s autograph

July 22nd, 2012 No comments

Today the Mighty Canberra Raiders had a big win over the Sharks. The year has not been a great one for the Raiders, with a couple of key injuries and some disappointing games along the way, we’re an outside chance for September finals action. So, a big win like today’s is exciting. When I saw the replay come on foxsports tonight, I tweeted the following.

I notice the Raiders had re-tweeted my tweet and I got a couple of replies. Nice work Green Machine.

Video hotness: Callaway

April 28th, 2012 No comments

A nice quick 30 second piece from Callaway.

I like this spot as it brings in the personality of an identity related to the brand in a way which watchers will quickly connect with. (Bones is the caddy of Phil Mickelson)

There’s quite a few videos featuring “Bones” posted on the Callaway YouTube channel.

After watching a few more of the videos, I found this call in for customer service assistance to be great too:

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“the twitter” – #goodpeople #12

February 5th, 2012 No comments

Adding another member to my #goodpeople twitter list.

Ben Southall became the “Caretaker for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef” a couple of years ago through the Best Job in the World campaign. Ben loves @queensland and the Great Barrier Reef &
is one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met.

Ben tweets regularly about being in some wonderful part of Queensland…

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Round review: 4th Feb @ Pine Rivers Golf Club

February 5th, 2012 1 comment

Monthly Medal competition = off the stick scoring.

Why the heck is it that Monthly Medal is the comp I seem to have a couple of blow out holes on?! Very frustrating…

Summary of the round:

Date played: 4th February, 2012
Score: 92 off the stick

Highlight: Definitely the par 5 6th hole which measures 439 metres (480 yards). After a cracking drive and a beautiful 3 wood approach, I had a downhill putt of around 2.5 metres for an eagle. Only my second ever eagle putt. I left the putt short, but made the birdie with a very easy tap in.

Lowlight: A tough call. Two shocking holes today. The par 3 tenth hole (the first hole played in the round) where I put the tee shot out of bounds (by around 30 cm’s) and I ended up with a 6. Or, the par 4 12th hole. After a great tee shot, my wedge into the green flew a little left of the green (not far!) and I couldn’t find the ball. I had to go back down to the location of the approach shot, dropped a penalty and then put my approach wedge left and into the greenside trees, duffed my chip and ended up with an eight on the hole. Those two holes were two of the first three played, thank heavens I corrected the round and got things back on track. I’d end up going with the effort on the 12th, my average on that hole is 5.5 and I ended up with an eight.

An interesting looking scorecard this weekend which included five pars and a birdie went with four bogeys. The round also included four penalties, FOUR! Two lost balls, one out of bounds and one in the water. #lesigh

The scorecard can be found

Putting continued to improve this round. I had four one putts, but also had 2 x three putts. A total of 34 putts for the round. Putting continues to improve from the 40 plus putts in a round about a month ago. I can definitely continue to improve this phase of my game and aim to get down to the 30’ish putts per round consistently by the end of this year.

Pre-round handicap was 22 exactly. This round was a new entry into my best 8 rounds for handicapping purposes. It knocked out a 95 off the stick and my handicap drops to 21.6, so I still play off a 22 in next weeks comp.

I’ll try and get a couple of photos during future rounds. I know these reviews are a little droll without imagery… (maybe even with imagery they’re drool)

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#puntclub 5th February

February 5th, 2012 No comments

My turn!

My bet for the weekend was a five leg multi of victory by the NBA’s Thunder and Magic, into the English Super League Leeds Rhino’s, into the NBL Gold Coast Blaze and PGA 3-ball victory by Webb Simpson over Keegan Bradley and Aussie Jarod Lyle.

A good result for the team with all five legs saluting.

Updated visual of results for each punter so far:

I am out in front by a ways, but, my style of punting can easily be run down by Mick. Mick backs 15-1 / 20-1 horses, so one win by him would put him in front. I need consistent collects to keep winning.

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“the twitter” – #goodpeople #11

January 31st, 2012 No comments

Number 11 onto the #goodpeople twitter list is one Matthew Burgess. @therealburgo previously worked @tourismqld in the Digital Marketing team, but recently moved on to greener pastures.

Matt’s a cluey dude who knows how the internet works and is an all round good guy. Currently tweeting about renovating his newly acquired house, you can expect to see a good mix of witty one liners and intelligent online marketing information.

Follow him, it’s worth it.


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#puntclub 29 January

January 29th, 2012 No comments

More background details to come on this later…. The highline = a few friends and I have a punters club going. The aim is to put a way a little cash each weekend for a trip away somewhere and we also place a weekly bet, with any winnings (optimisic, huh!) going into the kitty to cover some of the travel costs.

This years punters club trip will be to a golfing trip to China. Very excited by this. I’ll post more info here over the coming weeks, but I’ll post the weekly update here.

After 3 bets by each of my clubmates and two bets by me, the winning % is below… A % of 100 means money back on bets laid.

Oh yeah! That’s me out in front at the moment. I’m following my regular strategy of multi-bet combination on short priced fav’s.

(PS…. I bet these posts really bring in the SPAM)

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